First Aid Training is Necessary

It's The Law:

All Workplaces Must Have Someone Trained In First Aid

This article was taken from the Summer 2001 Accommodator Magazine and was reprinted with permission by Bruce Gravel, President, OAA

All members should be aware that Ontario Regulation 1101 requires all employers to ensure that first aid boxes and stations are in charge of workers who hold valid first aid certificates issued by a recognized training agency. Regulation 1101 is part of Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. All employers covered by this Act are required to have first aid equipment and trained personnel in all workplaces. There are penalties for non-compliance with this regulation.


There is no minimum number of employees, under which you might be exempt from Regulation 1101. It applies to all companies, no matter how many employees they have.



The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has a booklet on Regulation 1101 outlining first aid requirements. That booklet specifies the three types of first aid kits, referenced above. The amount of items that must be in each kit depends upon the number of employees in your workplace. Naturally, the kits require more supplies as the number of your employees increase. Full information on what must be in these kits is contained in WSIB's First Aid Requirements booklet.

For a copy of the WSIB first aid requirements booklet, call them toll-free at: 1-800-387-5540 ext. 4200 or (416) 344-4200. Questions about Regulation 1101, or the WSIB first aid brochure, can be answered by calling WSIB toll free at 1-800-663-6639, or (416) 344-1016. Their website is WSIB has offices throughout Ontario. Check the "Government Blue Pages" section of your local phone book, for the office nearest you.

Employers must inspect first aid boxes and their contents at not less than quarterly-yearly intervals. WSIB officials have the right to inspect first aid stations and the certificates of trained workers.


For employers with 1 to 15 employees, the trained worker must be the holder of a valid St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid Certificate, or its equivalent. The one-day Emergency first aid course costs $59 at a St. John Ambulance training center.

For employers with 6 to 15 employees, and 1 to 200 employees, the Regulation requires that the worker in charge of the first aid station must hold a St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid Certificate, or its equivalent. The Standard course lasts two days at a St. John Ambulance training center, and costs $85.


The WSIB First Aid Requirements booklet lists agencies that provide accredited first aid training across Ontario. ONLY those organizations listed in the booklet provide first aid training recognized by WSIB. Employers arrange for first aid training directly with the recognized training of their choice. It is suggested you use the agency with the standards to which all others must adhere: St. John Ambulance. They are Canada's leading provider of first aid training in the workplace. St. John Ambulance is a non-profit charitable organization that is a member of the United Way.

St. John Ambulance has 60 training centers located in all regions of Ontario. Their first aid courses run every day of the week and most evenings. You may also arrange to have them come to your workplace to train. On-site training requires a minimum of ten students. The course certificate is valid for three years. Students completing either the Emergency or the Standard first aid courses are covered by the St. John Ambulance $1 million liability insurance program.

The cost of providing employees with first aid training and for furnishing and maintaining first aid supplies must be borne by the employer, according to Regulation 1101.

Businesses are encouraged to train the mandatory number of employees per kit, but also to have back-up trained personnel in case the original first aider is away sick, or on holidays.

For the location of the St. John Ambulance training centre nearest you, call their toll-free central registration number: 1-888-373-0000, or 416-967-4244. Fax: 416-967-7410.


First aid training will save you money because of fewer lost workers' hours due to fewer injuries on the job. Statistics show that employees trained in first aid have 20-30% fewer incidents in the workplace. 

This article was taken from page 14 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Fall 2001 Issue


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