Credit Card Processing Fees Laurie Marcil
Laurie Marcil
Member Services Manager

any of you may have noticed over the last year additional fees that are being deducted from your credit card sales by your credit card processing company. Whether it is NOTO’s partner, Global Payments or any other processing company, we are all now exposed to these fees. Our research indicates that there are NO exceptions.

These fees come directly from Visa® and MasterCard® and are charged when your client makes a payment to you with any sort of card that is part of a reward or point program. Unfortunately, it seems the credit card companies provide these rewards to their clients out of the pockets of unsuspecting merchants like you and I.

The difficulty we face as merchants is that there is no easy way for us to know what cards have reward programs and therefore the only defence we have would be to no longer accept credit cards. I am aware of several operators who offer discounts to guests that pay their bills with cash or travellers cheques.

And a point of caution to offer your guests regarding fees, many of your US guests may find out when back home that service charges apply to some US credit cards when used to pay bills in Canadian dollars.

What can we do? The Retail Council of Canada is leading a coalition representing merchants across the country to bring attention to this important issue. NOTO hopes to join the coalition to represent the interests of our members. We are also bringing this issue to the attention of our Provincial politicians. You can help by talking to your local politicians. Another important task is to respond to any surveys or emails we may send out regarding your credit card sales and associated fees in the event this information can influence our work.

In the meantime, to help manage some of your other credit card processing costs we encourage you to read the following article. It appeared in the Fall 2008 issue of The Outfitter.

This article was taken from pages 16 & 17 of NOTO's "The Outfitter" publication, Fall 2009 Issue


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