Coroner's Inquest Makes Recommendations Regarding Boater Safety

Originally Published in the November 1991 issue of The Outfitter Magazine.


Recently, the NOTO office received the Verdict of a Coroner’s Jury from an inquest into the July 1990 deaths of two guests at a tourist camp near Dryden. The two men were found floating on a nearby lake four days after leaving the camp to do some fishing. Their empty boat was found ashore on a nearby island. The Coroner’s inquest could not determine how the two men became separated from their boat.

As a part of the inquest, a five-person jury listened to the evidence available about the accident and made seven recommendations to improve boater safety. These recommendations are the jury’s suggestions of what steps might be taken in the future to help prevent similar accidents from occurring. They were circulated to outdoor organizations, boating associations, outboard motor manufacturers, water safety councils and the Ministries of Tourism and Recreation and Natural Resources.

The jury’s recommendations are listed below, along with the rationale behind each. Please keep in mind that the recommendations are not legally binding and operators cannot be forced to comply with then until such time as any legislation is passed. They are simply reprinted here so that camps can be made aware of them, and if felt warranted, implement them to help prevent future accidents.



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