The Bait2Go/Outdoor Flavours owners have been avid fishermen since they were kids and live bait has always helped reel in the big ones. The traditional bait bucket made bait retrieval a hassle and unsafe. After struggling to find a solution, one of the owners created the Bait2Go bucket. The bait bucket that guarantees fishing time, quick bait access, safe handling, and cooler baits. Cuz when the fish are biting, you don't want to be fumbling with your bait.

Preparing your catch using the best possible ingredients was the next logical step for the owners. One of the owners is a Red Seal Chef who developed our 6 succulent Outdoor Flavours batters. We are convinced one of these flavours is right for you and your guests. Enjoy your bounty and the sport of fishing with products.

Tourism businesses who are interested can earn up to 40% margins through retail of Outdoor Flavours batter or Bait2Go buckets and tackle products.

Hooked on Fishing.